Our Advantage: 

  • Professional Equipment
  • Fast Editing Time
  • Variety of Camera & Equipment Options
  • Full Time Production Studio
  • Efficient in Adobe Creative suites and final cut pro X
  • Friendly and Responsive Staff

Why Hire Us? 

Let us help communicate your message to grab people’s attention. Your video length depends on how much information you are wanting to convey to your audience and how long you think their attention span will be. We are able to work with our clients on a consistent basis, making sure all details of your video are correct before showcasing the final production.  We are willing to work with you in all aspects of the video production process in order to ensure the final product is exactly the way you like it.

Our Goal:

Media Works is highly confident that we can make something special for your corporate video. It is important to us that your idea is not lost; we want your message to be delivered exactly the way your team desires.


Examples of What We Do: 

  • Health and Safety Videos
  • 30 second TV Commercials
  • Website / YouTube Videos
  • Search Engine Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Promotional / Product videos

Examples of Our Work: